Sunday, March 22, 2009


I am leaving in just a few short hours for HAWAII!!!!! I have to say, I'm a bit excited. It's a FREE trip from Stampin' Up! that I earned. YEAH!'s the kicker....I earned this trip because SO MANY PEOPLE helped me along the way last year. So I HAVE TO SAY THANK YOU!!!!!
So for the week I am in Hawaii I will be offering a special deal to say THANK YOU!!! I think it's a great deal, if I do say so myself. :) From NOW until SATURDAY MARCH 28th (when I get back) you can take advantage of one of the following deals:
  1. Email me an order ( and take 20% off your WHOLE ORDER!!!! (***discount will be applied after shipping and handling and tax added.) Or place an order HERE on my website (click the shop now button in the upper right hand corner) and I will send you a rebate check for 20% of your order when I get back! Place a $50.00 order and receive a Sale-A-Bration product. (Receive one Sale-A-Bration product for every $50.00 increment of your order.) If your order is $150.00 or over you will STILL receive hostess benefits AND Sale-A-Bration benefits. (If you place your order online make sure you choose your Sale-A-Bration benefits!)


2. Email me an order ( and GET 30% OF YOUR ORDER BACK IN FREE PRODUCT!!!!!! For a $50.00 order and I will give you $15.00 IN FREE PRODUCT!!!!! PLUS get a Sale-A-Bration set!!!! a $150.00 order and get $45.00 IN FREE PRODUCT PLUS THREE SALE-A-BRATION SETS PLUS REGULAR HOSTESS BENEFITS!!!! Just send me your order via email and then let me know what free product you want with your order. Or place an order HERE and then email me your order for your free product and I will send it out when I get home. (If you place an order online make sure you choose your Sale-A-Bration benefits!)

So you can choose to get a 20% discount on your product OR get 30% back in free product. :) I just really wanted to think of a fun way to say thanks to everyone! Again....I would NOT be taking this trip if it wasn't for SO MANY OF YOU!!!! FYI....all emailed orders to me will be placed when I get home. STILL in time to take advantage of Sale-A-Bration!!!


♥ Kristy Woods ♥ said...

OMG you must be sooo excited right now! Have fun gorgeous will speak to you when you get back. Kristy xo

Bobby Sue said...

I am so taking you up on this!!!!

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