Thursday, March 19, 2009

Look At These Cards I Got!!!

Here are the swap cards I received at the event I went to last Friday! Lucky me! :) ( card is in this group you have to see that again. Sorry!)
There are so many great ideas here. You will be seeing ideas from these cards in later projects...I am sure! By the way....on Sunday I am headed out to HAWAII!!!! Yes...I am SO EXCITED! My husband and I are going FREE!!! I earned this trip through Stampin' Up! I just still have to pinch myself to believe it. :) The reason I am telling you will want to make sure you visit my blog while I'm gone. :) Not only am I planning on setting up some posts to be displayed while I'm gone, but I will have a FABULOUS special during the week I'm gone to say THANK YOU to all my customers for helping me reach my Hawaii goal! :) Just wanted to give you a warning!


♥ Kristy Woods ♥ said...

Wow what a gorgeous bunch of swap cards how lucky are you! Yours was stunning too by the way!

Jill said...

Cute cards! I just saw them on the other website too and wanted to see more 3D items. Fun idea. Love it all!!!
Have fun in Hawaii and enjoy it!! Don't worry about Kylie (although I know you will) it up girl!

Bobby Sue said...

Have fun and take lots of pictures for us left on the main land!

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