Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Want To See Some Swaps I Received?!

I showed you in THIS POST and THIS POST the two swaps I made for convention.  Well...I think it is time I show you some of the swaps I received!  :-) (A swap is where you make multiples of one card and swap with others that did the same things!  You get lots of fun ideas back!)

Here are a few of the cards I received at one of the swaps I did...

Aren't they so cute!  Here are individual shots of the cards, along with the name of who made them!

Created by Candice Anderson:

Created by:  Kathryn Whittaker

(It's a 3D card...diorama card I believe is the clever and so much fun!)

Created by: Melinda Watson

Created by:  Jade Boger

Created by:  Sadly this card didn't have a name on it!

I love all these cards! Thanks, gals, for swapping with me!

I didn't create these cards, but will do my best to answer any questions you have.  Just drop me an email at

Thanks for visiting!!!  Hope you enjoyed!!!

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