Monday, August 24, 2015

Many Beautiful "hello"'s!!!!

I wanted to share some more swaps I recieved at Convention this year! There was a theme for these swaps.  The "Greetings" thinlits are quite the hit!  I have seen them used all over the place!  And why wouldn't they be?!  They are SOOOOOOO cute!!!  So here are a few cards I received using the hello...

SOOOOO amazingly cute, huh?!  :-)  Here are the individual pictures below, with the names of who created them.

Created by: Mary Haugen

Created By: Allison Okamitsu

Created by:

Cindy Schuster

Created By:

Sarah Naber

Aren't all these cards fantastic?!??! I am in love!!!

Thanks for visiting!  I didn't create these but will answer questions the best I can.  :-)  Just drop me an email:  Hope you enjoyed!

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