Monday, January 26, 2015

Blendabilities AND Crystal Effects...I'm in LOVE!

Still have some fun ways to show you how to use your Blendabilities!!!  I'm sure you will fall in love like I have!  :)  This card I'm showing you uses Crystal Effects as well.  Here is the card...

What are those dots and how did I do that?!  Well...let me "show" you!  First of all, you just take your Crystal Effects and plop (that's the official term :-) dots down...however big or small you want them...onto your Silicone sheet.  (This part is important...they will just pop off that silicone when they are dry.)  Seriously...that magic Crystal Effects stuff will make the perfect dot so easily.  See...

All I did was squeeze some out onto my sheet.  When they are wet, they look cloudy like this.  They turn clear when they are dry.  And then all your do is grab your Blendability marker and color over the dot.  When the color dries (it's pretty fast) have your colored dots!  It is SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

Here are a few colored and still clear so you can see them dry.  Then just pop them off and adhere them to your project!  (I usually just use a TINY dab of more Crystal Effects under it and it works great!)

More views of the project...

And by the way...that "HI" is a Project Life card!  LOVE those cards and make other projects (besides scrapbooking) with them quite frequently!  So much fun!!!

Thanks for visiting!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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