Monday, June 29, 2015

Sad Goodbye...Said With Treats!

My littlest bro just graduated from college, and he and his wife are headed out into the big bad world.  They used to live about only an hours drive away. would be like a 20 hour drive to go see them!  (Thank heavens for planes!)  They just left...I am so excited for them, but so SAD for us!!!  Will miss them terribly.  Since they had to drive their car all that way, we decided to stock them up with treats and food gift certificates...but of course it had to be given in style!  :-)  So here are the treats, all packaged up...

I took this burlap sack and made a little gift pouch for them.  You can't even see everything in's packed in pretty good.  But look at this cute tag...

This stamp is now retired, but it just fit perfectly what I wanted to say.  That label shape (the Daffodil Delight piece) is new though! And I can tell will be used a lot.  LOVE it!  It's from the "Lots of Labels" frame lit set. 

I actually used the scallop punch to make that Pumpkin Pie starburst.  You just punch out a scallop, then put it on the sticky part of a post-it (just so you can grip something).  Then just put it back into the scallop punch, lining the top of the scallop up with the valley of the scallop, and punch again!  Here is a visual...

VOILA!  A cute Starburst!  

Then once the tag was made...I just hot glued it onto a wooden skewer and stuck it in their package.  A fun little pop for some fun treats!  

Thanks so much for visiting!  Hope you enjoy!  Let me know if you have any

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