Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Better Late than Never...right?!

Ok....so I talked about a card making night in THIS POST and I told you I would share the other cards soon. Well, I kinda forgot and never did. I remembered this today, so thought I would share a few with you. Here are some of them. They were all darling cards! We have some very talented stampers in my upline/sideline groups of Stampin' Up!

I LOVE this stamp set! This card was designed by Sherri. This card was designed by Mandy. I don't have a blog for her, but she is GREAT! These little guys took a long time to color, but HOW CUTE are they?! :)

This one was designed by Kasia. She is SO GOOD! I love all her stuff!

And HOW CUTE are the Twigster's?! I LOVE this stamp set, and thought it was SO CLEVER to make a Mrs. Twigster for sweet Mr. Twigster. :) This was designed by Melanie. I don't have a blog for her either, but she's super talented as well.
Well I hope this helps to begin to make up for me not posting these sooner. Aren't they cute! We made lots more cute ones, and hopefully I will remember to post the rest in the near future! :) I hope you enjoy!


Kristy said...

I love that first card, we have that stamp set in our new summer mini catalogue at the moment, I wasnt going to buy it but now i Think i will!!

Kasia said...

you are so cute, thanks but I don't think I deserve capitals and and exclamation point. :)

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