Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sewing FUN!!! Pouch Style!!!

I actually do have a few things to share with you over the next little while!!!! So hopefully I can be a bit consistent with my posting now. Life has been crazy these days and I just haven't gotten into a good schedule yet. Plus, my grandpa passed away last Wednesday, and have been struggling with that. He was the most amazing and sweet man! He is missed TERRIBLY!!!!

As my mom was staying with me after I had my baby...I wanted to take advantage of her sewing skills. I am NOT a sewer but really want to be. :) I had seen these fabric pouches around and wanted her to show me how to make them. These are cut out with the Pennant Die. And then just sewn together to make a cute little pouch. I am kinda in love and have intentions of making MANY more!!! :) Here is the first one I have made all finished...

How cute is this?! So again...used the Pennant Die to cut out the main pouch. I cut out a total of 4 pennants...two in the flower and then two in a brown polka dot one because I wanted to line my pouch. Then I used the Flower Folds die (I know this is an expensive one but SO WORTH it!!! Trust me!!! :) ) to cut out some flowers from felt. Then I just sewed these on to the front of my bag and added a big button and some ribbon. Too cute!!!! :) So really...all that is involved in these is just sewing all the pennants together and then folding the top down and sewing that to make a place to put the ribbon and tie closed. (I really don't know sewing terms so hopefully this makes sense! :) ) Here is a picture of the top all cinched and tied closed...

As you can see I just added some Old Olive taffeta ribbon for the tie. Here is a close-up of my flower...

And then inside I just put a few bags of COCONUT M & M's!!! If you haven't ever tried these...YOU MUST! They are DELICIOUS!!! :) You can't always find them in stores but if you ever do...try them!!!! :)

And then here is this cute pouch opened up. You can see the lining in there. :) So they are sturdy, beautiful pouches...inside and out!!!!

I love this little guy and will definitely be making more!!! Hope you enjoy! Thanks for visiting!!!

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