Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rub-On Fun!

So I bought these little glass jars at IKEA awhile ago. I loved them, but haven't used them yet. Also...I LOVE Stampin' Up's new Rub-On's but haven't used those in awhile either. I decided to tackle both of these things...and came up with this. I only had about 15 mins to work on something so it's handy that this came together so fast. :) My camera is being funny and the other photos that I took of different views didn't turn out well. (My guess is user error! :) ) So you get this photo. :) But that scallop flower is on both sides and then there is a little flower in the middle. The front you can see says "Happy Days" and the back says "you make me happy." Then of fave tied around the lid the top it off. I wish I had pink M & M's to go in here (maybe I'll have to make a road trip to Vegas soon and go to the M&M factory!) so I had to use pink Starburst. Fun! Hope you enjoy!


Mandy said...

Hmm blogger is being funny, hope this isn't a repeat, love the jar and the yummy pink starburst, one of my favorites!

Emily said...

That is really cute! I love rub-ons! I use them a lot for gifts...candles and picture frames mostly, but I want to fond more cute jars! I need to go to Ikea again!

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